Pull Rope for Physical Running, and Fitness Football Tire Drag Belt


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Experience the next level of athletic training with our Waist Resistance Band, meticulously designed with features to elevate your strength, speed, and overall fitness.

Key Features:

  1. Widened Comfort: A generous 14cm width caters to waist sizes ranging from 60-100cm. The belt offers comfort and durability, with thickened foam that alleviates pressure from the resistance rope, ensuring a skin-friendly experience.
  2. Premium Construction: The anti-breaking elastic rope boasts superior latex resilience, encased in polypropylene cloth to shield the inner tube from abrasion. The inclusion of a sturdy metal carabiner and double-layer latex material enhances resilience for a prolonged product life.
  3. Enhanced Grip: Enjoy a workout free from discomfort with the enlarged foam handle, measuring 14.5cm in length. Soft and comfortable, it prevents hand rubbing, ensuring a smooth training experience.
  4. Explosive Strength and Speed: Propel your athletic performance to new heights. This endurance trainer is crafted to make you run faster, jump higher, and dig deeper. Elevate your speed, strength, agility, flexibility, dynamic power, and overall balance, fostering explosive strength and speed.
  5. Muscle Strengthening: As the resistance band stretches, it increases muscle tension, prompting muscle contraction. Bend the cable for additional resistance, challenging every muscle group. Ideal for vertical jumps, sprints, taekwondo, boxing, tennis, hockey, lateral movements, and load management. Perfect for enhancing quickness, explosiveness, and speed in athletes.


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